Hi! My name is Michelle. I help midlife women (ages 40 - 65ish) achieve optimal health by focusing on building sustainable lifestyle habits, improving gut health, restoring hormonal balance and teaching them how to nourish their bodies during perimonpause, menopause and beyond.

Perimenopause can start 10 years before actual menopause. This time in a woman's life can be confusing and overwhelming. I want to help you navigate these transitional years with grit and grace. 

Ways you can work with me:

  1. One on One Coaching
  2. Group Coaching

Book your free discovery session with me to ask questions and to get started.

Book Your Free Discovery Session

Save Your Spot The Waitlist for Elevate Group Health Coaching For Midlife Women!!

The next group coaching program begins July 24th. Registration will open soon. This is a 4 week group coaching program for women over the age of 40. This is great for women who want to learn how to manage their weight plus we will cover hot topics such as gut health, balancing hormones and perimenopause and menopause.


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